After so many years working as a photographer, my drawers are full of photos that nobody has ever seen. Reportages that were never published, photo-shoots created for magazines which were only partially used, a number of portraits and unpublished stories, editing scrap-offs of published books, which were never really appreciated, in the first place by myself. Spaziergang is going to be a collection of photo books in A5 format including some of my past works and some of other fellows sharing my ideals. Bare photos, no frills and no ostentation. Only quality. We shall set free from the dark and narrow spaces of drawers and hard disks hundreds of photographs, which will be finally available to everyone. We shall take new pictures to represent and depict our time, in order to give our photos a dignified place, so that they can survive the virtual redundancy of which they are victims. We are absolutely aware of the social responsibility of a photographer, as well as that of the importance of a greater diffusion of a photographic culture.  
Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words: we must learn to read.
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