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Spaziergang #20190116 photosb/w 32 pagesdigital printpaper matte 160 grhand bounded with two metal stapelsedition of 200isbn - 9786009886876The fantastic island of Cuba and its inhabitants, islanders proud of their independence and culture, tempted by the dream of mass consumerism but still aware of the importance of the Barbudos revolution: this was the Cuba I found in April 2003. An elderly but still present Fidel Castro and a new generation ready to open up to a world struggling with an evolving digital revolution. Cuba the insolent does not seem to care too much, engaged in the labors and joys of every day, in a daily life much more real than that proposed as a novelty from the nascent social media. Cuba in 2003, the last years of real socialism, or better, the last years of analog socialism.First published on L'Espresso in October 2003.


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Spaziergang #2019021 unpublished poetry by Alda Merinitranslated by Pasquale Verdicchio14 b/w photos by LNT28 pagesdigital printpaper matte 160 grhand bounded with two metal stapelsedition of 200isbn - 9786009885671I would like to ask you,to grant me at least one wish,leave, go far away,forget me...May 27th 2008, Alda Merini recited this poem while I was photographing her in her apartment on the Naviglio Grande in Milan. She agreed to pose for the photographs only after I gave her two lighters, which I bought when she threw me out of the house as a non-smoker and without "fire". the meeting with Alda Merini was one of the most engaging that my work has reserved for me.


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Spaziergang #20190338 b/w photos by LNT36 pagesdigital printpaper matte 160 grhand bounded with two metal stapelsedition of 200isbn - 9786009885275Located in the Baggio district in the western suburbs of Milan the Marchiondi building is the masterpiece of the italian brutalism. Designed by the architect Vittoriano Viganò in 1953 the building has been abandoned for 40 years. Viganò planned this gated institution for delinquent youths on the basis of a new pedagogic concept. Order is demonstrated by the building’s readily comprehensible inner logic and also by the fact that the materials used are plain to see and the piping and wiring are exposed. Half-high walls ensure that larger parts of the complex are always legible as a whole. Banham praised it as “one of the major surprises of European architecture in the late fifties”.


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Spaziergang #20190431 b/w photos by Davide Monteleone32 pagesdigital printpaper matte 160 grhand bounded with two metal stapelsedition of 200ISBN 9786009884292For this project Davide Monteleone was inspired by the work of Richard Avedon "In the American West" a masterpiece of the history of photography. Monteleone wanted to emulate the great American photographer by returning, with a similar photographic language, a choral portrait of the Russian social fabric. Going towards the remote eastern borders of the nation, where nationalist echoes resonate weakly, showing us the human face of a multi-faceted and unstructured Russia, with its geography too extended, its multitude of cultures, its complex social dynamics and its incessant changes.


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